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President’s Message July 2019

July is here – how did that happen? The year seems to be flying by and my schedule seems to be packed with things to do and places to be. As you celebrate the 4th of July this year, also take note that this is the 60th anniversary of NCCC. That’s a long time for any organization and I am so proud to have been a member for some of those years.

The 60th NCCC Convention will be here in just a few days. I hope you will be there. The folks in the Rocky Mountain Region have worked hard for many months to insure that you will have a great time. There are so many things to see and do in the Denver area and I don’t think a week is going to be enough. While we are thinking about Convention – take time to put next year’s Convention on your calendar. It will take place in July 2020 in Indianapolis, IN.

Speaking of Indianapolis, the Bloomington Gold show just wrapped up and NCCC was well represented. We hosted a hospitality booth for NCCC members, promoted NCCC membership to anyone who would listen, and talked with current and potential sponsors. Thanks go to Michele Cantelmo (NCCC Director of Sponsorship/Charity), John Cantelmo (NCCC Director of Public Relations), Dennis and Genene Patrick (NCCC Merchandise), Dave Heinemann (NCCC Past President), as well as my wife Carolyn. The folks from the Indiana Region were busy hosting an autocross for anyone to try as well as giving rides to anyone brave enough. The entire weekend was a success and I believe an important effort to promote NCCC.

While we were in Indianapolis, Michele Cantelmo finalized an arrangement with Corvette America to offer discounts and free shipping to NCCC members. You can click on the link on the NCCC web site home page or click here. The offer is valid till September 30th. Michele has also been busy developing a fundraiser for our charity, St Jude’s Children Hospital. I know you are a very generous and caring group, so please participate. More information is below.

The National Corvette Museum’s Board of Directors has hired a new CEO/President. The press release and official introduction was June 27th. His name is Dr. Sean Preston and he brings an impressive resume. He is also a Corvette guy (he owns 2 Corvettes) and the Board of Directors welcomes Sean and looks forward to the energy and excitement he brings to the position. While we celebrate 60 years of NCCC, the National Corvette Museum is celebrating its 25th anniversary. NCCC is a founding member of the NCM and has been supporting the museum in various ways over the years. Our most important contribution comes from you, the NCCC membership. You have stepped up with your support of this very worthwhile cause. If you’re not a member of the museum, please consider joining. It’s important for the preservation of the history of the Corvette.
That’s all for now – see you out there.
Save the Wave,
Dale Samuelson